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Learn How to Use Your Camera as a Painting Tool

15 Free lessons on how to use your camera to help create beautiful paintings, by artist Richard McKinney at

15 Free, DIY Lessons on How to Use Your Camera to Help You Create Beautiful Paintings - Just click through to learn from artist Richard McKinley at

For years, Richard McKinley has been creating wonderful pastel paintings and lessons about them for his Pastel Pointers blog at He prefers to capture his stunning landscapes on site, but he also uses photo references when that’s not possible.

McKinley has developed ways to use photos and digital cameras as tools for better paintings. All Plein Air artists, and all of the rest of us can learn from his methods:

When A Photo Will Have To Do 

Photography That Works 

Photographic Pitfalls 

The Shutter Speed of Our Eyes 

When is a Scene Best Left as a Photograph? 

Tips for Working from Photographs 

The Digital Thumbnail Sketch 

How to Organize Photo Reference Material: Part 1 – Film Prints and Slides, Part 2 - Digital Photos 

Artist's Guide to Using Camera Technology: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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