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Free Artist Reference Photos and How to Use Them

Photos are a great way of capturing ideas and setting up good compositions before you start to create a drawing, watercolor or painting. Your camera or smart phone can be your sketchbook if you keep one with you and take shots whenever you see something that inspires you. Or, you can just click on the thumbnails below to find your next composition among thousands of beautiful art reference photos that are offered for free by talented fellow artists and photographers.

Free Art Reference Photos – Find thousands of beautiful and absolutely free photographs that you can use as inspiration, composition or subject for your drawings, watercolors, paintings, illustrations or craft projects. ( Image: Wet Canvas Photo Library “Sunflowers” Photograph by Tessp, and a watercolor version created at )

Top Sources for Free Photographs – Are you looking for inspiration for your next art, craft or illustration project? There are thousands of free, downloadable images that you can use. Check out the directory of Free Art Reference Photos at ( Image: “Apple a Day #2”, Painted by Susan Barr, from a Black and White photo that's one of hundreds of free reference photographs on )

Find inspiring photos for all of your art and craft projects. Check out the directory of top Internet sources of free reference photographs at Susan Barri, Paint My Photo Don Berg, Today'

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Free Art Reference Photos by Artists: Photo Library Photograph: Sunflowers by Tessp, and a watercolor version by

Wet Canvas Reference Photo Library  The artists at offer over 75,000 interesting free photographs for you to upload and use as references for your drawings and paintings. You'll have to register, for free. That will also give you access to the full Wet Canvas site with helpful and informative articles, how-to videos and forums.

Free Reference Photos for Artists by Watercolor Artist Susie Short

Free Patterns and Photos  Artist Susie Short generously shares line drawings that you can print and transfer to your watercolor paper or canvas as the start of your painting. The downloadable drawings are accompanied by large scale color photos that you can use as references. You'll find drawings of a variety of flowers, pine cones and barns at

Apple a Day #2 - Painted by Susan Barri  from a Black and White photo that's one of hundreds of free reference photographs on Paint My Photo.

Paint My Photo  The photographers on this web site encourage you to turn their photos into paintings and drawings. You'll find an amazing selection of beautiful shots of just about any subject you can imagine. Create your account, for free, to enjoy a constant supply of inspiring photographs. Check out the paintings made by members, join your favorite forums and post your own creations for constructive comments.

Visit for free reference photos to inspire your drawings, paintings and watercolors.

Free Photos for Artists  Browse through a wonderful selection of free photos of street scenes, buildings, landscapes and seascapes in England and France. Check out the still life shots too. If you find the inspiration for your next painting or drawing, just click on it to enlarge it. Copy or save the photo to your computer, print it, or work directly from your computer screen.



Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book  Become more creative and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people's minds away! Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in this 295 page e-book, along with nine hours of how-to photography video tutorials.


Free Photo Archives:

Find Free Artists' Reference Photos at  Are you looking for free artistic photos to use as references for your drawings, paintings or illustrations? Here's an amazing web site that you need to visit to find thousands of stunning shots. Just click to the Free Photos section and use the search box. Choose any photo and download it. Or, use the handy crop tool to select just the area of the image you want to work with.

Find Artists' Reference Photographs at  Create paintings or drawings from a very nice selection of free photos. Select from shots of animals, buildings, nature, places, technology and more. Just find the shots you want to use and click on the "Download high resolution version" link.

Free Artists Reference Photos from ThoughtCo.

Artist Reference Photos from ThoughtCo  ThoughtCo.offers a selection of photos that you can use, for free, as inspiration for your artwork. Click through to find galleries of  Abstract Ideas; Flowers; Landscapes; Seascapes; Still Life and more. free reference photo by LiveInLondon and a painted version by

600,000+ Free Photos at Pixabay  This new, easy-to-search archive offers public domain photographs and vector images that you can use as references for your artwork, on your web site or blog, or just about anywhere else. Contributors follow strict quality-control rules, so the images are sharp, bright and, in most cases, very creative.

Find free artistic, high resolution photos a

Artistic Scenes at Unsplash  Subscribe to and get ten stunning scenic photos in your mailbox every ten days. Or, visit the site often and scroll through it to see the latest offerings. Copy or download the high-resolution images and use them as inspiration or references for your art work.

Free artists' reference photo by Bill Williams

Free,Photos at StockSnap  The community of photographers on offer their shots for free, for you to use in any way you like. Choose from hundreds of crisp photographs. Use the easy search box to find just what you need. And, check back often. New photos are added all of the time.




How to Use Reference Photos:

Learn how to transfer any image to canvas, paper or art board using the Grid Method. Check out the easy, free lesson at

How to Transfer Any Image Using the Grid Method  Transfer the outlines, composition and details of any photograph to canvas or watercolor paper. Enlarge or reduce it as you do. Here’s a free, step-by-step demonstration on how to use the classic grid method to create a drawing or underpainting from a photograph, or anything else, at

Learn how to draw from photos - download a free ebook from

How to Draw a Picture From a Photo  Learn how to turn photos into portrait drawings and paintings. Use your camera to your advantage with the help of this free, downloadable eBook by artist Sandra Angelo, from Artists Daily magazine.

Learn how to use your DSLR or cell phone camera as a tool for your paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolors. Follow free lessons by artist Richard McKinley.

How to Use Your Camera as a Tool for Painting  Plein Air pastel artist Richard McKinley explains the techniques he has developed to help create his stunning landscapes with the help of photographs.



Learn How to Take Professional Quality Digital Photos  Subscribe to Focus eMagazine and get two eBooks: Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography. Follow professional photographer Amy Renfrey's lessons and learn how to capture light and use it to create perfect photographs. Click thru to learn more.


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Improve Your Photography - From beginner to pro, everyone is sure to learn new tricks, tips and techniques from this collection of lessons by talented photographers.

Free Photography Lessons for Amateurs and Pros  Learn how to take great shots with your point and shoot camera or cell phone.  Or, take your skills to the next level. Follow hundreds of free, online lessons on the basics or on advanced still life, portrait, landscape and product photography. Get tips from professionals. Learn new techniques. And find out how to improve all of your photographs with Photoshop, Lightroom or free online photo editing apps.

Easy Art from Your Digital Snapshots

Easy Art From Photos  Learn how easy it is to turn photographs, snapshots and even cell phone shots into something like art. Transform your digital photos with easy effects that will make them look like drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. Or, add drama by converting digital images from full color to black and white.

E#njoy Hundreds of Free Art Lessons: Learn composition, perspectives, color theory, how to use reference photos and much more.

Free Art Lessons  Learn from hundreds of free demos, tutorials, videos and how-to tips from top artists and art publishers. Get started on a creative new hobby or advance your existing drawing and painting skills. Find out how to improve your artistry with the best composition, perspective and colors. Learn how to use mixed media, pastels and underpainting techniques. And, get tips on how to paint and draw outdoors.

Easy, Free, Printable Art Practice Sketches

Free, Printable Art Practice Sketches  Here's a quick and easy to get started creating images with watercolor, oil or acrylic paints, pastels or markers. Print any or all of the free sketches that you'll find, and then use them as you follow the free lessons on Or, use the printable sketches to improve your existing skills. Try new techniques, new types of paper or canvas, and paints or media that you haven't worked with before. With these sketches, there's no need to worry about setting up a composition or doing a time-consuming drawing before you start the fun part of art.

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