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Free Reference Photographs at Paint My Photo

Check out all of the free artists’ reference photos at Paint My Photo. Find inspiration for your paintings, drawings, watercolors and illustrations. Follow forums and post your own art works for helpful reviews and comments. ( Image: “Apple a Day #2”, Painted by Susan Barr, from a Black and White photo that's one of hundreds of free reference photographs on )

Apple a Day #2 - Painted by Susan Barri  from a Black and White photo that's one of hundreds of free reference photographs on Paint My Photo.


The photographers on Paint My Photo encourage you to turn their photos into paintings and drawings. You'll find an amazing selection of beautiful shots of just about any subject you can imagine. Create your account, for free, to enjoy a constant supply of inspiring photographs. Check out the paintings made by members, join your favorite forums and post your own creations for constructive comments.


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Find thousand more free reference photos that you can turn into your drawings, paintings and watercolors: Free Artists Reference Photos and How to Use Them >>>

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