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Free Art Lessons, Demonstrations, Videos and Resources

Learn from dozens of free demos, tutorials, videos and how-to tips from top artists and art publishers. Get started on a creative new hobby or advance your existing drawing and painting skills. Find out how to improve your artistry with the best composition, perspective and colors. Learn how to use mixed media and underpainting techniques. Find free reference photos.  And, get tips on how to paint and draw outdoors.

Take Any and All of Dozens of Free, Online Art Lessons - From Beginner to Advanced - Composition, Perspective, Color Theory and Much More Enjoy Any and All of Dozens of Free, Online Art Lessons - From Beginner to Advanced - Composition, Perspective, Color Theory, Mixed Media Art and Much More Learn How to Paint - Take any and all of dozens of free online tutorials by talented artists and teachers.

Artistic Composition    Perspective    Color Theory and Color Mixing   

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Free Tutorials on Artistic Composition

Learn all about artistic composition techniques and improve all of your paintings and drawings.

Artistic Composition Lessons  Improve your paintings, drawings and photos by incorporating interesting and dramatic compositions. Learn the techniques that the masters used in free, online lessons and demonstrations. Don't start your next art project until you check these ideas out.




Free DIY Perspective Lessons

Take free online lessons on how to use linear and atmospheric perspective techniques in your paintings and drawings.

Artistic Perspective Lessons  Start all of your paintings and drawings with the proper perspective. Learn how important it is to add the illusion of depth to your work. Then, follow free, online instructions on how create that illusion with easy linear and atmospheric perspective techniques.



Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book  Become more creative and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people's minds away! Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in this 295 page e-book, along with nine hours of how-to photography video tutorials.


Free Color Theory and Color Mixing Lessons

Learn all about color theory for your art, craft and decorating projects. Enjoy any and all of more than forty informative video lessons from Jerry's Artarama.

40+ Free Color Theory Video Tutorials for Artists and the Rest of Us  Improve your skills at painting, pastels, colored pencil drawings, photography and even home decorating.  Free color theory video lessons from Jerry’s Artarama can show you how to use color for the best results in all of your work. Get to understand color theory, the color wheel, the use of complementary colors, how to set up a palette, and how to mix colors.

Learn all about colors, color theory and color mixing.

Learn All About Colors for Your Art, Craft and Decorating Projects  Find and follow any and all of dozens of free online tutorials on color mixing and the theories behind it.

The Color Wheel and Beyond: Color Theory, Mixing Colors, and How to Create Complementary Color Schemes - a free eBook from

The Color Wheel and Beyond  Download a free eBook from to learn how to mix colors and how to create complementary color schemes in your work.

 Artists' Free Interactive Color Wheel at

Color Theory Lessons from The Virtual Instructor:  Follow concise video lessons and online hints at The Virtual Instructor, and then try their cool Interactive Color Wheel to learn how to put color theory to work in your paintings.



Learn How to Draw People Step by Step

Learn to Draw People Step by Step  Discover a fast and easy way to bring your drawings to life. Achieve a level of realism that few artists will ever reach. This home study course comes with lifetime updates and a complete money-back guarantee.


Free DIY Plein Air Drawing and Painting Tutorials, Tips and Techniques

Learn tips and techniques of painting outdoors - Downoad the free Plein Air guidebook from

Plein Air Painting Techniques  See immediate improvements in your oil, watercolor or acrylic paintings by using these 18 expert tips for outdoor painting from Artist Daily. Download your free eBook and take it with you.

Get free hints and lessons on special techniques used by plein air artists.

Free Guides to Outdoor Painting and Drawing  Do you like painting and drawing outdoors? You can make your sessions more enjoyable and more productive by learning some of the ideas and techniques that other plein air artists use. Just click to follow free online lessons and to find helpful hints.



Photography Masterclass  You can master any digital SLR camera and take gorgeous, attention-grabbing photos by following step-by-step video tutorials. This fantastic collection of lessons is your shortcut to becoming a professional quality photographer. And, you can try the videos for sixty days on a full money-back guaranty. Just click to read more and to see the quality photos you will be creating.


Free DIY Mixed Media Demonstrations

Click to learn mixed media art hints, tips and techniques by talented artists.

Learn to Mix it Up. Try creating art works with a mix of paints, pastels, papers and found objects. Here's a collection of hints, techniques, lessons and step-by-step demonstrations by top mixed media artists.



Learn How to Take Professional Quality Digital Photos  Subscribe to Focus eMagazine and get two eBooks: Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography. Follow professional photographer Amy Renfrey's lessons and learn how to capture light and use it to create perfect photographs. Click thru to learn more.


Free Pastel Lessons

Follow artist Christine Kane's step-by-step lesson on how to create a stunning landscape and sunset with pastels at

Pastel Painting for Beginners  Follow a step-by-step tutorial by artist Christine Kane to see how to create a stunning landscape and sunset. If you're interested in creating with pastels, you need to check out this lesson at

Learn everything you need to know to create beautiful art with pastels.

Learn All About Painting With Pastels  Click on the pastels to find free online lessons on working with pastels, to download free guide books and to follow free demonstrations by some of today's top pastel artists.

Enjoy more than thirty how-to videos for pastel artists at Jerry's Artarama

30+ Free Pastel Art How-To Video Tutorials  Would you like to learn how to create with pastels? Or, are you already a pastel artist, looking to improve your work by improving your techniques? How would you like a 3 hour course, taught by some of the best known pastel artists in the world? Jerry's Artarama has just that for you. And, it's free.



Learn Photo Editing  Get twenty-five professional Photoshop tutorials for the price of a camera strap. Learn photo manipulation, retouching, digital painting and how to make the best of all of your photos. This downloadable course comes with a sixty day money-back guaranty. Click through to read more, to try it and to improve all of your photos.


The Art of Underpainting

Learn why and how to improve your art with underpainting techniques.

Learn the Art of Underpainting  Find out why master artists start their work with underpaintings. Then, learn how to create your own underpaintings to improve your own paintings. Click on the boats to find and follow free online tutorials by talented acrylic and oil painters.


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More Free Art and Craft Lessons

Easy, Free, Printable Art Practice Sketches

Free, Printable Art Practice Sketches  Here's a quick and easy to get started creating images with watercolor, oil or acrylic paints, pastels or markers. Print any or all of the free sketches that you'll find, and then use them as you follow the free lessons on Or, use the printable sketches to improve your existing skills. Try new techniques, new types of paper or canvas, and paints or media that you haven't worked with before. With these sketches, there's no need to worry about setting up a composition or doing a time-consuming drawing before you start the fun part of art.

Easy Art from Your Digital Snapshots

Easy Art From Photos  Learn how easy it is to turn photographs, snapshots and even cell phone shots into something like art. Transform your digital photos with easy effects that will make them look like drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. Or, add drama by converting digital images from full color to black and white.

Learn How to Paint: Follow hundreds of free lessons and tutorials for beginner and experienced artists.

Free Oil and Acrylic Painting Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Painters - Teach yourself how to paint with acrylics or oils. Or, improve your existing skills. Learn techniques and tips from the pros. Enjoy hundreds of free online tutorials and videos and learn at your own pace.

Learn How to Paint With Watercolors: Follow hundreds of great, free lessons and demos by talented watercolor artists.

Free Watercolor Lessons  Teach yourself how to paint with watercolors. Advance your existing skills, or get started on a creative new hobby. Learn watercolor techniques and tips from the pros. It's all here, in hundreds of free online tutorials and videos.

Learn How to Draw or How to Improve Your Drawing Skills - Find and follow any of more than a thousand free lessons by talented artists and art instructors.

Free Do It Yourself Drawing Lessons for Beginners or Experienced Artists  Do you want to learn how to draw? Or, are you ready to take your drawing and sketching skills to the next level? These lists are for you. Check out some of the hundreds of free lessons, techniques, tips and demonstrations that you'll find online today.

Improve Your Photography - From beginner to pro, everyone is sure to learn new tricks, tips and techniques from this collection of lessons by talented photographers.

Free Photography Lessons for Amateurs and Pros  Learn how to take great shots with your point and shoot camera or cell phone.  Or, take your skills to the next level. Follow hundreds of free, online lessons on the basics or on advanced still life, portrait, landscape and product photography. Get tips from professionals. Learn new techniques. And find out how to improve all of your photographs with Photoshop, Lightroom or free online photo editing apps.

Find free lessons, tutorials and printable patterns for all types of DIY crafts.

Free Craft Lessons, Patterns and How-To Demonstrations  Beginner Advanced  Teach yourself how to paint with watercolors. Advance your existing skills, or get started on a creative new hobby. Learn watercolor techniques and tips from the pros. It's all here, in hundreds of free online tutorials and videos.

Looking for inspirational images for your art work, website or blog? Check out this list of some of the best sources for free photographs.

Free Art Reference Photos and How to Use Them  Find thousands of absolutely free reference photos for you to use as inspiration for any of your paintings, drawings, pastels or watercolors. Choose from landscapes, seascapes, nature scenes, animals, flowers, still life scenes and more in beautiful, crisp photos by talented artists and photographers. Then, see how to transfer the images and use them in your art projects.

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