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Free Do It Yourself Coloring Sketches

Some people claim that coloring intricate patterns is therapeutic. That might be so. But, at the very least, coloring is a fun way to relax and to be creative at the same time. Here are some unusual, printable coloring sketches that will both entertain you and challenge you to create beautiful images with colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels or paints. offers free coloring pages in a variety of styles Get Free Printable Coloring Sketches of this Garden Rose at Find Unusual and Unusually Fun Free Coloring Pages at

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Free Printable Coloring Pages

Garden Flower Coloring Pages   Print any and all of eight different garden scenes and color them with colored pencils, crayons, markers or pastels. Or, try watercolors or watercolor pencils. These unusual images have bold outlines and a bit of subtle gray shading and backgrounds to make your colors pop.

Garden Harvest Coloring Pages

The Garden Harvest  Get five free coloring pages in a variety of styles. Print and try any and all to create a colorful piece of wall art for your kitchen.

Free Printable Coloring Sketches of a Garden Rose

A Garden Rose  Like all of the free coloring prints on this page, you're welcome to print free sketches to tint or color. Try your hand at creating your own perfect rose with crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor pencils, watercolors, paints or pastels.

Wild Apple Coloring Pages - Free Printables

Wild Apples  In Vermont hedgerows, apple trees grow like weeds. Leaves, branches and fruit tangle together in beautiful patterns like the ones that you can capture on one or more of the five different styles of free coloring pages in this printable set.

Strawberries on a Plate - An Unusual Free Set of Coloring Pages

Strawberries on a Plate  Decorate your kitchen with a masterpiece that you create from one of the five free coloring style pages of this scene. All of the prints are designed to fit into standard craft-store mats and frames.




More Free Printable Coloring Pages

Free DIY Flower Vase Coloring Pages


Christine's Flowers  Here's a tangle of bright, pretty flowers and leaves depicted in a variety of coloring page styles. You'll enjoy hours of creative peace while you color with pencils, crayon, watercolor pencils, pastels or markers.


Free, Printable Coloring Pages of an Old Shaker Rocking Chair

A Shaker Rocker  This unusual set of five different styles of coloring pages focuses on the details of a 19th century Shaker-made rocking chair. If you're into Americana, these free printables are for you.

Fall Acorns: Five Free Printable Coloring Pages

Fall Acorns   These five free coloring pages are a bit more difficult than most. A tapestry of acorns, branches and oak leaves will pop off of the page as you color it with your favorite shades.

Ceramic Cats - Free, Printable Coloring Pages

Salt and Pepper Cats  Here are some 1950s ceramic cats rendered as five different, bold style coloring pages that you can print for free. They'd look great on the wall of a mid-century modern kitchen.

A Preening Peacock - Free, DIY Coloring Pages

A Peacocks's Pride  Show off your talent with your treatment of any of six different styles of coloring pages of a preening peacock.



Art and Coloring Supplies at Blick

Blick Coloring Supplies  Enjoy discounts, quick shipping, great customer service and a complete satisfaction guarantee on ink jet paper, colored pencils, watercolors, pastels, markers, watercolor pencils, colored inks, artistic coloring books and much more.

Learn to Draw People Step by Step  Discover a fast and easy way to bring your drawings to life. Achieve a level of realism that few artists will ever reach. This home study course comes with lifetime updates and a complete money-back guarantee.


Free Sketches for Coloring or for Practicing Your Painting, Pastel or Watercolor Techniques

Free, Printable Art Practice Sketches

Free Art Sketches  Improve your watercolor, pastel, oil or acrylic painting techniques by practicing on free, printable sketches. Save time and get right to painting without having to set up a composition or drawing. Print the free sketches as often as you want. Try different colors, different paper and different paints. Or, use any and all of the sketches as challenging coloring pages to use with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

Free Still-Lide Paint-Over Patterns at

Free Still-Life Paint-Over Patterns  Here's your fun and creative way to get started making abstract wall art with oil or acrylic paints, markers, pastels, or even left-over house paints. Just print any of the patterns and splash on your favorite colors. You'll be able to create wall art pieces that complement your room's decor. The patterns will fit perfectly in standard 8"x10" mats and frames. So, when you create your masterpiece of contemporary art, you'll be able to display it at its best.



Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book  Become more creative and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people's minds away! Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in this 295 page e-book.

Take the Photography Masterclass

Photography Masterclass  You can master any digital SLR camera and take gorgeous, attention-grabbing photos by following step-by-step video tutorials. This fantastic collection of lessons is your shortcut to becoming a professional quality photographer.


Free Coloring Lessons

Learn how to create beautiful drawings with your colored pencils.

Free Colored Pencil Coloring Tutorials  Learn the techniques that can turn your ordinary colored pencil drawings into dramatic art works. Find and follow dozens of step-by-step demonstrations by talented artists

Learn all about colors, color theory and color mixing.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Coloring Projects  Find and follow any and all of dozens of free online tutorials on color theory and using colors in your creations.

Learn everything you need to know to create beautiful art with pastels.

Learn All About Coloring With Pastels  Click on the pastels to find free online lessons on working with pastels, to download free guide books and to follow free demonstrations by some of today's top pastel artists.



Learn How to Take Professional Quality Digital Photos  Subscribe to Focus eMagazine and get two eBooks: Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography. Follow photographer Amy Renfrey's lessons and learn how to create perfect photographs.

Learn Photo Editing and Digital Painting  Get thirty-six professional Photoshop tutorials for the price of a camera strap. Learn photo manipulation, retouching, digital painting and how to make the best of all of your photos. This downloadable course comes with a sixty day money-back guarantee.


More Free Art and Craft Lessons

Learn How to Paint: Follow hundreds of free lessons and tutorials for beginner and experienced artists.

Free Oil and Acrylic Painting Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Painters - Teach yourself how to paint with acrylics or oils. Or, improve your existing skills. Learn techniques and tips from the pros. Enjoy hundreds of free online tutorials and videos and learn at your own pace.

Learn How to Paint With Watercolors: Follow hundreds of great, free lessons and demos by talented watercolor artists.

Free Watercolor Lessons  Teach yourself how to paint with watercolors. Advance your existing skills, or get started on a creative new hobby. Learn watercolor techniques and tips from the pros. It's all here, in hundreds of free online tutorials and videos.

Learn How to Draw or How to Improve Your Drawing Skills - Find and follow any of more than a thousand free lessons by talented artists and art instructors.

Free Do It Yourself Drawing Lessons for Beginners or Experienced Artists  Do you want to learn how to draw? Or, are you ready to take your drawing and sketching skills to the next level? These lists are for you. Check out some of the hundreds of free lessons, techniques, tips and demonstrations that you'll find online today.

Improve Your Photography - From beginner to pro, everyone is sure to learn new tricks, tips and techniques from this collection of lessons by talented photographers.

Free Photography Lessons for Amateurs and Pros  Learn how to take great shots with your point and shoot camera or cell phone.  Or, take your skills to the next level. Follow hundreds of free, online lessons on the basics or on advanced still life, portrait, landscape and product photography. Get tips from professionals. Learn new techniques. And find out how to improve all of your photographs with Photoshop, Lightroom or free online photo editing apps.

Find free lessons, tutorials and printable patterns for all types of DIY crafts.

Free Craft Lessons, Patterns and How-To Demonstrations  Beginner Advanced  Teach yourself how to paint with watercolors. Advance your existing skills, or get started on a creative new hobby. Learn watercolor techniques and tips from the pros. It's all here, in hundreds of free online tutorials and videos.

Easy Art from Your Digital Snapshots

Easy Art From Photos  Learn how easy it is to turn photographs, snapshots and even cell phone shots into something like art. Transform your digital photos with easy effects that will make them look like drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. Or, add drama by converting digital images from full color to black and white.


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