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Garden Flowers: Free Coloring and Watercolor Paint-Over Pages

Enjoy free coloring pages of eight different images of garden flowers. Bold outlines and subtle shading will help you create the perfect image with colored pencils, crayons or markers. Or, take on the challenge of using the pages as patterns to create frameable wall art with watercolors or pastels.

Print, color or watercolor any and all of 8 different garden flower colloring pages at

The Copper Planter - Pansies of your favorite colors can decorate your creation with the help of this free print.

Garden Flowers  This free coloring page combines bold outlines and soft shading to help you create the perfect colored image or watercolor painting. Wisteria at the Door Here's a challenging coloring page for you. The image is free, so you can print and try as many copies as you'd like, until you get it right. The Copper Planter  Pansies of any color you like top an old copper bucket in this free coloring page or watercolor painting pattern.
The images on this page are just small details of the free coloring pages and watercolor patterns that you can download. Click on the images to see the full composition and colored-in samples.


Nature's Zentangle - Print and color a chalenging free image of flowers, vines and leaves in a crowded garden bed.  It's just one of eight free garden flower coloring pages that you'll find at

Garden Rose Buds - One of eight different free garden flower coloring pages from

The Garden Fence - One of eight free garden flower coloring pages and watercolor sketches that you'll find at

The Garden Bed  Try untangling nature's zentangle of flowers, leaves and vines in a crowded garden bed. Print a free coloring page or watercolor painting pattern.

Garden Rose Buds  Let the bold outlines and soft shading of this printable page help you create a scene with crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels or watercolors.

The Garden Fence  This free, printable coloring page or watercolor pattern is just waiting for your creativity. Download a PDF and print as many copies as you'd like from your computer..




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More Coloring and Paint-Over Pages:

Garden Geraniums - Here's a chalenging coloring page or watercolor pattern. It's one of eight free garden flower coloring pages that you'll find at

Free Paint-Over Wallflower Pattern - Apply paint or pastels to this printable monotone pattern, hang it in a matt or frame, and have a spot of bright colors on your wall that you created yourself.

The Garden Rose - One of eight free garden flower coloring pages from

Geraniums in the Garden  Print a challenging 8"x10" coloring page or paint-over pattern and go at it with your crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors or pastels.

Wall Flowers  Take your coloring to the next level. Add paint or pastels to this printable pattern, hang it in a matt or frame, and enjoy garden colors year-round.

The Garden Rose  Here's an easy and fun coloring page or watercolor sketch. Bold outlines and a hint of shading will help. The choice of colors is all yours.



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